Solidarity campaign for flood victims in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

The Military School of Porto Alegre (CMPA – Colégio Militar de Porto Alegre) and the Friends of the Military School Association-Parents and Teachers Association/Military School of Porto Alegre (AACV-APM/CMPA – Associação dos Amigos do Casarão da Várzea-Associação de Pais e Mestres/CMPA) are conducting a solidarity campaign to assist the thousands of people affected by this historical flood, especially Students, Soldiers, Professional Team, and Alumni of the Garança Family of CMPA.

To this end, CMPA will be providing, starting from May 09, 2024, a donation point, located in its building, which will operate as follows.

AACV-APM/CMPA is providing the PIX key (in Brazil only) for cash donations, which can also be made via TED (in Brazil only) to: Associação dos Amigos do Casarão da Várzea, CNPJ 01.052.551/0001-61, Banco do Brasil, Agency 1248-3, Checking Account 8692-4.

For International Bank Transfers (to Banco do Brasil, Agency 1248-3, Checking Account 8692-4) please use the IBAN Code: BR5300000000012480000086924C1 ; the SWIFT Code is: BRASBRRJSBO.

Donations via PIX, TED or International Bank Transfers will be accounted for by AACV-APM/CMPA and directed towards the acquisition of goods and/or items which victims are in need of at this very moment, as well as to support specific situations at the discretion of CMPA, according to an analysis made by its Social Assistance team.

The donated materials will be received in front of CMPA, in a tent set up for this purpose, which will operate from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 12:00. From there, donations will be sent to an internal location for sorting and storage and then prepared to be distributed to those in need, according to CMPA’s guidelines.

Donations: The priority for donations informed by CMPA is, except for specific cases, established by Civil Defense, according to the needs disclosed by this organization, which may vary depending on the period.

Your donations will be essential to help alleviate the suffering of those in difficult situations, both from the Garança Family of CMPA and the thousands of other people affected by this severe flood, and can count on the guarantee, fairness, and transparency of AACV-APM/CMPA.

“CMPA and AACV hand in hand with the Garança Family and Rio Grande do Sul”


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